Year of Preparedness

In 2018, we want to help you be prepared for a variety of emergencies. Look for different preparedness messages throughout the year.  

January is winter preparedness month. The good news is we got warmer weather this week, but as we all know, Winter isn’t done with us yet!  

Some quick tips from  

  • Know what to do before, during, and after a winter storm.

  • Listen to local officials.

  • Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in the car.

  • Stay off the road during and after a winter storm.

  • Have a carbon monoxide alarm in place, especially if using alternative heating devices.

  • Use Safe heating devices.  

And, we want to add:  

  • Dispose of fireplace materials correctly.  
  • Check your smoke detectors regularly.  
  • Get your chimney cleaned!  

Throughout this month, we will add more tips for dealing with cold, wintery weather! 

  America's Prepareathon. Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare.This graphic image is part of the Winter Weather Safety Graphics collection.   America's Prepareathon. Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare.This graphic image is part of the Winter Weather Safety Graphics collection.

FEMA/Photo by Jana Baldwin

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Wow! It has been cold outside! During the extremely cold weather, the volunteers and career staff of Dunn Loring VFRD & Fairfax County FRD work together to keep the rehab unit in service. 


The rehab unit is basically a big truck we take to a scene where we will be there a while, especially house fires where there is a lot of water to make things even chillier! The Rehab is there to warm up the firefighters.

It can also be used for special responses during normal weather days, or for hot weather. The rehab has been positioned at Dunn Loring for over 10 years now. One time, a pre-school had a gas leak inside, and we were able to put ALL the kiddos in the Rehab to stay out of the weather. 

The other day, Battalion Chief Lewis and Captain II Cunningham provided an overview on Rehabilitation Unit 413 and why it is so important on frigid (or scorching hot) days.  

For more information about the combined operations of the department, follow, as well as our website! To see more YouTube videos, subscribe to their YouTube channel

You can find our other social media channels here. In 2018, we will be growing our social media presence, and will provide additional information here throughout the year.