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Our Bingo program is held every Wednesday and Saturday in Robbie Allen Hall from early January through early December.

  • Doors open at 5pm

  • Early Bird games start at 7pm

  • Bingo games typically end around 10:30pm

Click here to view our updated Bingo Program.

Early Bird

There are several games across two Early Bird sessions. Each Early Bird game is a double bingo game played for a $100 prize, to be split among the total number of winners for each game.

First Half

The First Half of the bingo program includes a variety of regular bingo, double bingo and progressive games; including, Cashbox Treasure Chest and Lucky Number 7.

Second Half

The Second Half includes regular bingo, double bingo, and several special games, including Speedball, Lucky 13 and Jackpot for a $1,000 prize that is split among the total number of winners.


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