75th Anniversary: Station Upgrades!

Each day, the career and volunteer staff who work at Dunn Loring rotate around the apparatus. In order to keep track of who is riding where, we have a tracking board in the fire station. This is called our staffing board. 

Our previous staffing board had been there for years, but this year, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are undertaking a series of upgrades to the station. One of our career engine driver's, George, led the project to upgrade our staffing board. 

We wish we had a before picture, but believe us - this is an amazing upgrade! We are very thankful to George and B Shift for all the work done on this. 

 Can you see the "Betsy Ross Flag" with 13 stars?

Can you see the "Betsy Ross Flag" with 13 stars?

As our career and volunteer staff work to maintain and upgrade our station, we appreciate your donations that allow us to continue this good work! More on our other upgrades coming soon!