Now You Know: What's 413?

Occasionally on this page, or on our Engines and Ambulances, you will see the number 413. What does that mean? 

In the DC Metro Area, each of the area's fire departments have been assigned a "hundred" series. So, each of the departments use this number to precede the traditional stations numbers. Fairfax County was assigned the 400-series. Because we were station 13, we became 413. 

This helps to reduce confusion when we respond with our neighboring fire departments. For example, if both Engine 13 from Fairfax and Engine 13 from Loudoun County responded to an event, then it would be confusing to make task assignments and talk on the radio. So, Fairfax-13 is 413 and Loudoun-13 is 613. 

So, we are Station or Company 13, but also say we are 413, so you know that we are from Fairfax County! 


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