December Fund Drive: E-Version!

This year, instead of sending out the end of the year fund drive, we will be making posts on the website and our social media accounts about how you can donate to the volunteer fire station. For the first time, you can donate online or by check. 


By making a donation online, you will get an automatically generated Thank You letter for tax purposes.

Click HERE to make an online donation.


If you prefer to write a check, you have several options: 

  • Write the check to Dunn Loring Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (DLVFRD, for short). 
  • Mail it to DLVFRD, PO Box 13, Dunn Loring, VA 22027. 
  • Drop it off at the station, if anyone is there. Volunteers will be there from 5pm to 10pm each Wednesday & Saturday until December 9th. 
  • Give it to Santa Claus as he comes through the neighborhoods. (He knows our address!!)

Santa Claus

Watch this page & our social media accounts to keep up on what is going on with Santa! He is going to be visiting EARLY this year (second full week of December), due to the HUGE number of good girls and boys on his list!  He needs extra time to get back to the North Pole and get ready for Christmas Eve. 

Now You Know: What's 413?

Occasionally on this page, or on our Engines and Ambulances, you will see the number 413. What does that mean? 

In the DC Metro Area, each of the area's fire departments have been assigned a "hundred" series. So, each of the departments use this number to precede the traditional stations numbers. Fairfax County was assigned the 400-series. Because we were station 13, we became 413. 

This helps to reduce confusion when we respond with our neighboring fire departments. For example, if both Engine 13 from Fairfax and Engine 13 from Loudoun County responded to an event, then it would be confusing to make task assignments and talk on the radio. So, Fairfax-13 is 413 and Loudoun-13 is 613. 

So, we are Station or Company 13, but also say we are 413, so you know that we are from Fairfax County! 


#nowYouKnow #413